Cross-Cultural Awareness (4): Find and Build Connection

One way to enhance your appreciation of another culture is to focus on the aspects that you can connect and relate to personally.
For example, if you love food and wine, you probably enjoy it in France and Italy (not an exhaustive list here).
If you like music, visiting Germany and Austria is probably music to your ears.
If you like fashion, France (in particular Paris) is the good place to be.
At a different level, if you are more individualistic (not passing a judgment here), you may feel more at home in the Anglo-Saxons countries like the U.S.A and U.K.
If you have a non-linear and more flexible mind set with time, the Latin-based cultures such as Spain, France and Italy probably suit you more than Germany or the Netherlands.
There is no perfect match but identifying the link(s) “up close and personal” may help you appreciate more about a different culture and relate to it better.