My Blog : Life after Covid-19?

What will life be after Covid-19? It is a BIG question for many people in particular with the hope that the crisis may be behind us soon (perhaps in the summer the earliest) as the vaccination continues on globally. Personally, what will you do first when the crisis becomes less severe? Traveling abroad? Change your […]

My Blog : Time for New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year to all. Yes, it is time for new year’s resolution. It is not too late. I would like to share the following points. 1) Be ambitious but stay realistic. 2) Understand the motivation for your goals. 3) Break your objectives into steps. 4) Stay flexible and modify your objectives if necessary during […]

Making the Impossible Possible

Like many people today, I am astonished and surprised with great joy that the vaccine for Covid-19 made by Pfizer has arrived in some countries and will start in France soon. Despite the certainty regarding a few aspects of the vaccine, it is in general good news. To me, it was a miracle that the […]

A New Job

I passed my first month at new job today – YES!!! I am very happy and will continue to adapt, contribute and learn at this new job. One point that I think is important on keeping oneself motivated is to align some elements of the new job with your own personality and preference. For example, […]

Courses at the swimming pool

I have recently joined a gym in my neighborhood. I go there primarily to swim almost every day. Before signing up, I visited the gym and the staff pointed out to me that there is only a steam room for ladies, but not for men. I thought it was not a big deal. After a […]

A 111-euro lesson

Last Saturday, I missed my train from Paris to Bergerac due to a problem with my phone. I could not retrieve my train ticket from my phone. Consequently, I paid 111 euros for a new ticket for another train 30 minutes later. Upon reflection, I have learned a few lessons. #1) Don’t ignore warning signs […]

Wait for the right moment

Last week, I went to the post office to pick up a parcel from AliExpress with a notice left by the postman. It had my English name Raymond on it; however, it was Kin-shing on my i.d. card. Due to this difference, the post office staff refused to give me the parcel even though it […]

Physical space vs. Mental space

Recently I have realized the importance of personal space in particular during the lockdown when the social activities are limited during this crisis. As our personal space becomes limited, our “universe” (mental space) and perspective may be reduced as a consequence. Psychologically, our problems sometimes become much “closer” and more urgent than they actually are […]

Prepare for a Rebound

During the current health crisis, how can we prepare for a personal rebound in particular those who are looking for a job? 1) Above all, be patient: As the crisis is unprecedent, no one can predict exactly what its economic, social and health impacts will be. In parallel, we don’t know when the world will […]