Football Talent Management (1)

One recent article from the FT weekend magazine caught my attention. Its title is ”Talent Management – What can we learn from football?” This lesson is pertaining to managing successful football teams in Europe. Though I don’t agree 100% with all the points raised, it has generated some inspiring thoughts. Here is the first half […]

Quality of the Voice

It did not realize how important the quality of one’s voice is until my friends told me the following 2 stories. 1) A young lady in her mid-20’s has difficulty for being taken seriously at her work place even though she is knowledgeable in her field because she talks like a 12-year old girl. 2) […]

50 Shades of Friendship

I have had a few setbacks on friendship recently. Despite the disappointment and let-down, there is a lesson to be learned. To sum it up in a bit of a cliché phrase, there are “50 shades of friendship”. To elaborate, I think managing one’s expectation is important. We all live within certain parameters of our […]

Positive Psychology (2)

Viv Thackray suggested the following four steps to develop a growth mindset. Follow these four steps to develop a growth mindset: Step 1: Learn to hear your fixed mindset inner dialogue, typical fixed mindset comments that you might say to yourself are,“Maybe you don’t have the talent?” or “You’ll fail, so why bother?” Step 2: […]

Positive Psychology (1)

By chance, I came across some interesting information on Positive Psychology posted by Viv Thackray, a positive psychologist and trainer in London. Mindset is a simple yet groundbreaking idea from the field of positive psychology. Psychologist and world renowned mindset expert, Carol Dweck, has spent decades researching achievement and success. Dweck’s research reveals that we […]

For the love of the game

It is obvious to me from the start that the life of a life coach (ironically) can be difficult. Over lunch with a friend who went to a coaching discover day confirmed that it is quite a competitive field. In addition, quality differentiation is very difficult as it is dominantly based on soft skills and […]

Always at your best

Tonight I attended a classical music concert at a local church as part of a neighbourhood festival called Islington Proms. Even though there was not a big group of audience, the two young talented musicians performed as if they were at the Royal Albert Hall (a major concert hall in London), doing their very best. There is a […]

Support Network

At the presentation, Mr. Alastair Campbell also emphasized the importance of support network in preventing the emotional downward spiral and facilitating the recovery from low point in life. Similarly, in the journey of learning and personal development, having support and “a pat on the shoulder” can make a big difference in the outcome (success or […]


Continuing on the presentation from Alastair Campbell on mental health, one key element he identified among great leaders is resilience. In short, it is the ability to rebound from adversity and become stronger. He added that it is at those moments of one’s life that one is really tested and leaped into greatness. Excellent point […]

Mental Health

Last week I attended a presentation by Alastair Campbell, the former head of communication when Tony Blair was the Prime Minister in the U.K. He candidly shared his experience of overcoming alcoholism and depression. He mentioned that we all have mental health like our physical health. Similarly, some have better mental health than others. In […]