A Part of Veal

Yesterday I went to a French restaurant in Paris for lunch. When I surveyed the menu quickly, I saw “Rognon de veau” on it which looked interesting. I asked the waiter what it was. He replied with confidence, “It is a part of veal and it is very good. You should try it.” Then I […]

The Choice of Water

Last week I invited a friend over for a coffee to catch up. I asked him if he would like to have instant coffee with or without coffee mate (I ran out of milk on that day). After confirming that there are no other choices of coffee available, he in turn asked for a glass […]

Grace under Fire (3)

To conclude on this topic, I am going to be a bit unorthodox and controversial here . I hope that it won’t cause too much of a turmoil among my circle of friends and family. I would suggest making peace with the person who (in your opinion) has wronged you if all possible. Firstly, it […]