In “Season” (6)

I am back from my vacation (it has been a while) and let us continue on this topic. I actually have gained more insights by discussing this very subject with some of my friends during my vacation. The next element on my list is the suggestion that people with more experience tend to possess a […]

In Season (5)

The fifth element is having a deep sense of balance. I think having more experience in life often helps people put things in perspective as well as look at things beyond the immediate future. Some people may call this attribute stillness and solidness of one’s character. In other words, more mature people tend to have […]

In “Season” (4)

Self-understanding and reflection constitute the fourth element that I would like to discuss. The more experienced people can look back in their own longer histories (on work and life) and reflect on what has worked and what can be improved on. Assuming the same state of mind, we do have more experience and lessons to […]