Exit but Not Finished

Like many fellow Londoners, I was very disappointed and saddened by the result of the UK Referendum. Despite all that, the best advice I heard is “Keep Calm and Carry On”. We make better decisions when we are calm and have a clear head. Try to put aside the strong emotion and take a few […]

Adaptability (9)

To round off this mini-series on adaptability, I would like to highlight the importance of humility.  In order to adapt to a new environment and/or job, one needs to learn on your own or from others.  Having a humble heart will make asking others to help and receiving help an easier task.  It also means […]

Reaching beyond my imagination

As  I have been focusing quite a bit on my new job as well as life coaching lately, I have not been actively promoting my book as much as I should. To my surprise, I discovered today that I sold one copy of my book in Poland and another copy in India.  As I said […]

Adaptability (8)

Similar to learning something new, it is important to get feedback from others on how you are progressing on adapting to a new environment and/or role. It will help you identify blind-spots and confirm strengths. As discussed in a previous blog, we should process feedback wisely. Remember to stay calm and objective as there are […]

Adaptability (7)

Flexibility and being open-minded are crucial for the success of adaptability. At risk of stating the obvious – Things are different from our past and that is why we are talking about adaptability. Therefore, we probably should explore and examine new ways of doing things or simply approaching issues from a different angle. Don’t dismiss […]

Adaptability (6)

Another key element of adaptability is the maintaining of a positive attitude and turning away from being even remotely negative. For example, it can mean not just seeing problems, but also suggesting solutions, or even better be part of the solution. It can also mean being helpful to your new colleagues and at the same […]

Adaptability (5)

Planning and reviewing constitute another key component of the adaptability. Even though the situation may be new to you, it can be helpful to come up with a plan (short-term, medium and/or long-term) to make sure you are making progress and doing well. The plan may include identifying your own strengths and areas of improvement […]

Adaptability (4)

Another important point related to the previous one is freeing up your existing schedule to make room for adaptation-related activities. You may need time to pick up a new skill and/or get up to speed on certain subjects. You may also need to work longer hours and/or spend more time building up new relationship at […]

Adaptability (3)

Having some personal private time is critical in making adjustment and adaption to a new situation. For example, a quiet time of 15 minutes alone to reflect on your situation and how you feel is crucial in the adaptation process. Don’t rush through your busy life. Take your (personal) time.