The Passage of Time (4)

Does time have quality? Many people heard of the concept of “quality time” as in “I want to spend quality time with someone.”. In general terms, it means giving someone the FULL attention during that period of time including listening and caring about his/her needs instead of getting distracted by other things that are going […]

The Passage of Time (3)

Is the measurement of time objective or subjective? From an objective perspective, it is defined as “In common usage, it is either an interval equal to 24 hours or daytime, the consecutive period of time during which the Sun is above the horizon”. On the other hand, there are expressions such as “Time flies when […]

The Passage of Time (2)

After my last blog, I have received some feedback from my blog-readers who share my view on the third stage of life (after mid-life). The next question is why we feel that way when we reach mid-life. Didn’t someone say “mid-life crisis”!. There are many reasons as our feeling is a subjective matter, but here […]

The Passage of Time (1)

Recently the topic of how we perceive the passage of time has been popular among my friends. We unanimously agreed that before and during our teen years, we couldn’t wait to grow up. Between young adulthood and middle age, the speed of time seemed to be normal. Some commented that once they are “over the […]