Counting down (day minus 1)

I am very pleased to announce that I am now a qualified life coach which is a natural next step of my keen interest in personal development. In the beginning of the year, I started a coaching certificate course offered by OCM. I passed the assessment with merit and obtained the coaching certificate 2 weeks […]

Counting down (Day minus 3)

One frequent and logical question that many people asked me was “What about your next book?”. Well, I think it is a bit too early (only after one year) for me to publish the next book or even the next edition. Perhaps give me a few more years. I do have some ideas on the […]

Counting down (Day minus 4)

Sometimes silence is gold. I can still recall clearly the first advice given to me by my editor friend Geoff right after my book publication. He advised me to take any feedback (in particular negative) with grace and not to start a debate/fight with anyone regarding his/her comments about the book. If I go down […]

Counting down (Day minus 7)

50 Shades of Friendship: My friends’ support came in so many different ways spreading throughout a wide spectrum. There were surprises on the upside as well as the downside. I think it is important to realize and accept that your friends have no obligation to help you in the way that you expected. One can’t […]

Counting down (Day minus 9)

First of all, to conclude the first year of my book publication, I am very pleased with experiences that I probably would not have had without the book. To recount a few of them. 1) Many people including myself were surprised by my sales skills (hard sell or not) and enthusiasm. I took a day […]

Counting down (Day minus 10)

Today marks the beginning of the 10-day period before the FIRST anniversary of my book publication. I did promise to use the first year after the publication to review and then decide what my next steps are. Therefore, to be myself “on the spot”, I will share some of my thoughts in the next remaining […]