Mind the GAP !

It was an 80% difference! It was 25 degree Celsius in Hong Kong last night and it was 5 in London when I woke up this morning stepping off the plane!   As I mentioned in my previous blog ‘Mind the Transition’, one needs to be aware of transitions – big and small, to make […]

See You Next Nov!

Today concludes my ‘book tour’ in Hong Kong and I will be on a red-eye flight back to Europe tonight. Hong Kong is an even busier city than London. The hustle and bustle of life can be quite challenging even for someone who was born and raised here. My book, short of 70 pages in […]

Mind the Transition

A friend of mine told me that his daughter is having difficulties adjusting to the first year of university. I recalled similar experience during my time and it did take me a bit of time before I started enjoying my university life. In retrospect, I think the awareness and psychological preparation are crucial. Like most […]

Inspired Novel Literature Laureate?

I had lunch with a high school classmate who is taking some time off from work at the moment.  He told me that he was quite inspired by my book publication (he has not read it yet, hopefully soon) and he is contemplating on writing one himself. I asked him what the type and subject […]

Tough Truth

Today I had coffee with a friend of mine who had started his own business a year ago. He said the negative feedback was the most valuable advice he received. As tough as it is, it may be the honest truth that one needs to hear. A word of caution as mentioned  in my book: […]

Over 200!

From one figure to another, today I would like to report the total sales figure of my book has passed 200 copies!  Even though it was not entirely unexpected before my trip to Hong Kong, I am happy that it has been realized. That is 20% of my 12-month sales target of 1,000 copies.

4 figures reached!

I am referring to the total number of Twitter followers to date.  I promised some of my readers to share my experience on Twitter with others if it reached 1,000. 1) Identify your target group and follow the key figures in that group.  A special thank to my executive assistant/friend Gary for his research. 2) […]

Sold Out!

Today marked the mid-point of my two weeks trip in Hong Kong.  This morning I did a more thorough inventory and realized that the 64 copies had been ALL allocated (either as gifts and sales).  It was a surprise on the upside.  I actually have more support from my friends and family than I expected. […]

Me Me Me

During my “food-and-drink” tour in Hong Kong, 2 colleagues of mine who had read my book told me that I should have included more personal examples in the book.  They think it would be more unique and interesting (perhaps they meant amusing!) Noted 🙂