Gratitude 1-2-3

Recently I have attended a life coaching seminar and the speaker has strongly recommended an exercise developed in the U.S. This exercise was proven to be very useful and effective to lighten up one’s mood. The exercise is by the end of each day, write down 3 things that you are grateful for. The items […]

How Strong Are You?

A remark came up during a recent conversation with a friend: “I feel like ‘so-and-so’ is stronger than me.” That is not an uncommon feeling that we sometimes do feel like someone is stronger than us. However, on reflection, what does it mean by “stronger”? Perhaps we can look at the word “STRENGTH” which is […]

In Support of Macron

Though I am not French, I am a strong supporter of the economic reform led by Macron. It is currently a full-on “face-off” between the Macron-government vs. the unions in France, in particular the SNCF (train) union. I will spare readers of (in my opinion and many others) the “out-dated” employee benefits of the train […]