In defense of Tom Cruise

Recently, I have read an article from Time Out London making fun of Tom Cruise for not acting his age titled “Eight ways Tom Cruise can make us like him again”. Though I am not a fan of Tom, I would say the following two things in his defense. 1) He can act (please note […]

A Great Uncle

I became a great uncle today (for the second time) as my nephew in Hong Kong became a proud father for the first time. Congratulations to the parents and their extended families! My great nephew is a cute baby boy with 2 dimples and a full head of hair. The parents are in the process […]

The next step of my coaching journey

A few people have asked me what I do now that I have completed the coaching training. Currently I have just started with two new clients and will soon sign up at a charity to offer coaching as well. I am very excited about it and will provide periodic updates on this journey in the […]

Receive Feedback

On receiving feedback, here is some good advice from Eric Parsloe and Melville Leedham (Coaching and Mentoring – Practical Conversations to improve learning, 2nd Edition 2009, Kogan Page, p.129) • Listening actively, concentrating and being receptive; this will make it easier for the giver to be honest; • Clarifying and testing their understanding of what […]

Process Feedback (3)

I came cross the following material on how to learn from feedback and would like to share it with my readers (Starr, Julie, The Coaching Manual, 3rd Edition 2011, Pearson Education Limited, p.288) “Now, on your own, sit down with a piece of paper and write answers/notes to the following questions: > What did I […]

Process Feedback (2)

A couple more thoughts on how to process feedback. Here comes part 2: 3) Differentiate facts from opinions and observations. 4) Look for lesson(s) from the feedback. Sometimes you need to filter it and distance yourself to “discover” interesting elements of the feedback. They may be leads and pointers to other important revelations.

Process Feedback (1)

Some initial thoughts on how to process feedback. Here is part one: 1) Though feedback may be personal, don’t take it personal. Each feedback giver comes from a different background and perspective, therefore with all the best intentions in mind, the feedback may not be 100% objective (May I borrow a jar of salt from […]

London Tube Strike

Today is the second day of the London tube strike and I had to walk to work. Many people walked hours to work as the buses were so crowded and roads were congested. We might have to bring Margaret Thatcher back to life to put a definitive end to this mess.

Personal Sales Target Reached

I have reached my personal book sales target of 300 paid copies over the weekend! A great heart-felt gratitude to my friends and family that have given much more support and encouragement that I could have even imagined. The 12-month target has been reached 3 months earlier (end of Sep is the first anniversary of […]