A storm in a wine glass

Last night I went for a drink with a friend to catch up after work in South Kensington, a posh neighborhood. After discussing for 15 minutes where to go, I finally put my foot down and declared “Excuse me. Do you think I am common? I don’t want to go to a local pub at […]

The last weekend of summer

The arrival of August Bank holiday marked the end of the summer in the U.K. We had an average summer this year with fewer than 3 weeks of hot weather. In a way, it is not bad as most of the U.K. residence has no air-conditioning. I was not complaining when the 2 weeks of […]

More than a survivor!

Sometimes I hear other people (and myself as well) say something like “I survived!” or “I am a survivor!”. It sounds alright on the outset. However, on second thoughts, there is an element of passivity in those statements. Perhaps a more positive way of describing the mind-set is “rising above the tide” or “making the […]

Appreciate Gracefully – Part 2

Another personal example arrived last Sunday at church. The speaker was in his late twenties and from a much younger generation than me. He used his own experience, mostly his university years, to illustrate his points in his sermon. Well, university years are actually quite a distant past in my long “memory lane”. However, instead […]

Appreciate Gracefully – Part 1

I think sometimes we (more mature people with me included) may be a bit too harsh on younger people (or people with less experience). Take my very self as an example: My regular Pilates instructor was absent yesterday morning and the replacement, shall we say, was less inspiring. One student walked out. Instead of criticizing […]

London Commuters

According to the survey by Time Out London magazine: 1) 48% commuters take the tube, 16% by train, 10% by bus, 10% walk, 9% by bicycle and 7% by car. 2) The longer your commute, the worse you feel. 3) You hate people sneezing on the Underground. 4) Walking is the nicest way to go. […]

An Average Londoner!

The Time Out London Magazine published the results of their City Living Survey of 12,350 Londoners this week. Here are some of the interesting statistics: 1) You get seven hours and 43 seconds of sleep a night (when you’re not worrying about work). 2) You set your alarm for 6:50am. 3) You take the tube […]

Mind the Swing

It is not uncommon for us to OVER-compensate in certain situations and ended up to the other end of the spectrum. For example, a man growing up in a family with a weak father may over-compensate his experience and become too dominant in his own family. A worker who had an overbearing and controlling boss […]

Reboot – Element 12 (Hope)

Good things come in a dozen. Let me finish this mini-series on rebooting career on a high note of HOPE. I am sure you would agree with me (to a certain extent at least) that there are miracles in our lives and we are blessed in certain ways. Our future is ahead of us and […]

Reboot – Element 11 (Confidence)

I honestly would like to give my readers “a pat on the shoulder” for having come this far on the life journey. Yes, you should be very (a strong emphasis here) proud of yourself for your achievements so far in life (big or small). I sometimes tell my younger friends half-kiddingly that “you have NOT […]