Resilience (Factor 6): Self-efficacy

From the book ‘The Resilience Factor’ by Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatte (p.45): “Self-efficacy is our sense that we are effective in the world. It represents our beliefs that we can solve the problems we are likely to experience and our faith in our in our ability to succeed.” “At work, people who have faith […]

Resilience (Factor 5): Empathy

From the book ‘The Resilience Factor’ by Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatte (p.44): Empathy is the ability to “read other people’s cues to their psychological and emotional states. Some of us are adept at interpreting what psychologists call the non-verbals of others – their facial expressions, their tone of voice, their body language – and […]

Survivorship Bias

Early this week I went to the annual medical check-up. When reviewing my medical test results and figures, the doctor told me according to statistics based on my age, ethnicity and geographic residence, my probability of a heart-attack in the next 10 years is 3.1% vs. the group average of 3.4%. He said he was […]

A Touch of Humanity

Last weekend I took the TGV train from Frankfurt to Strasbourg for a visit. My original direct train of 2 hours turned into 4 hours with 3 transfers including a bus ride due to track problem. Despite the delay, I felt grateful to a few good German Samaritans who helped me as I don’t understand […]


I visited Rotterdam last weekend and was very much inspired by the history of the city. Because of its strategic position as the major port in the Netherlands, it was targeted at the second world war and bombed close to the ground. However, when it was time to rebuild the city, they decided to apply […]