Mature vs. Young Talents (3b)

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” — Jean-Jacques Rousseau I reckon some clarification is needed what I meant by patience. It is not passivity for one to sit around doing nothing yet expect something great to happen. I have another name for such mentality. That is called day dreaming or wishful thinking. Patience […]

Mature vs. Young Talents (3)

Patience is another element that more mature people may have a better handle on than the younger generation. Well, there are always the “grumpy old men” but let us not get there for “illustration purpose”. From our own experience, we have learned that sometimes rushing things through and not willing to wait may have caused […]

Mature vs. Young Talents (2)

Stamina is one element that I believe more mature people may have a better handle on and thus may be leveraged on. For example, parents or grandparents for that matter (I am not neither of them) can tell you what sort of endurance and patience that they need to have to take care of their […]

Mature vs.Young Talents? (1)

I would like to devote the next few blogs on some elements that more mature people may focus on in order to stay competitive. The first and most obvious one is experience. By “definition”, we, more mature people, do have more experience “under our belts”. Don’t let anyone tell us that our experience is obsolete. […]

Return of the childhood

Today I observed an intriguing incident at a restaurant over lunch. A grandmother entered the restaurant with her daughter’s family including 2 young children. She sat down at the table next to me first and ordered a slice of apple pie with extra vanilla ice cream on it. She told the waitress that it was […]

Silence can be gold

There are multiple occasions in my life that I wish I did not open my not-so-small mouth and say something that I regretted later. In retrospect, sometimes it is better to “take the fifth” and make no comments on the spot. Alternatively, saying “let me get back to you” or requesting for more time to […]

Still February

Recently a few people have moaned to me about it is so cold in London. As much as I dislike coldness, I reminded them that it is still February, in the winter season and this is what should be expected. Hello? It goes to show having unrealistic expectations in life can cause unnecessary pain and […]

Young vs Mature Talents? (7)

Fearlessness is often associated with young people who dare to try new and different ideas in life. That is a valuable attribute to have if applied in the right way. I am not referring to recklessness implying a certain degree of irresponsibility and immaturity. I am referring to the courage and determination to try something […]