Different Aspects of Equality

Recently, I have been reflecting on the subject of equality which has many different facets besides the obvious few. First of all, equality means the same, no more and no less. In other words, treating another person with equality means you don’t feel superior nor inferior to that person. Feeling inferior is also a form […]

Last note on La La Land

I promised this is my last note on the movie La La Land. This time my note is on the leading lady in the movie Emma Stone. To be honest, I was not a fan of her based on a couple of movies she did in the past including Spiderman and Birdman. She was adequate […]

Alternatives to Sorry

In the U.K., the most over-used word is arguably “sorry”. I personally think the word “sorry” has a primary meaning of wrongdoing or regret which does not apply in some cases when we say sorry in our daily life. There are definitely occasions to apologize to others, but not in all cases. We don’t need […]