Life Coaching in Hong Kong

I have brainstormed with a few friends about the prospects of life coaching in Hong Kong. A couple of interesting points: 1) Though the concept is taking shape, it is not yet popular. 2) As the pace/rhythm of the city is quite rapid, I may have to speed up the frequency of coaching sessions from […]

Toughing Up

I asked a friend of mine who is teaching at one of the major universities in Hong Kong what is the most important factor that differentiates a top student from the “crowd”. He replied with confidence that it is the ability to withstand tough times, learn from it and excel at the end. I can’t […]

One Split Second

I had lunch with a friend in Hong Kong last week and the subject of Emotional Intelligence/EQ came up. My friend said, in his opinion, one important lesson is to pause for one second and avoid making any actions based on impulse. He added that many accidents and tragedies would have been avoided if the […]

A World with Colors

Not everything in the world is binary, meaning having only 2 possibilities. Similarly, not everything should be viewed as black and white. For example, it is easy and “convenient” to categorize something or someone as good or bad. However, there is a wide range between good and bad. There are different extents of being good […]

Life Coach Introduction (3)

Thirdly, what are the benefits of life coaching? I would like to use the acronyms CAFES to illustrate my points. C = Care and challenge. I will be there to provide support as well as challenge to push you forward, but the ultimate decision to do it or not is always yours. A = Awareness […]

Life Coach Introduction (1)

I would like to devote the next few blogs on introducing life coaching. First of all, what is the definition of life coaching? There are many different definitions, but my own definition is as follows. A life coach is someone that walks or runs alongside you offering help on your journey of progression on the […]

A Different Bond

I had a bit of a debate with some friends yesterday over my likening of the new James Bond movie. To set the record straight, I do agree that the plot is not complicated and there could be more room for the excellent cast of actors/actresses to shine. However, my perspective is to view it […]