Your book is NOT a piece of meat!

I got the message finally when I asked a friend repeatedly for feedback after purchasing my book 1 week ago. He said “Raymond, your book is not a piece of meat. It does not decay and please calm down.” It is true. People buy books and read them later. A book is not a newspaper that people read […]

Happy Jewish New Year!

To all my Jewish friends including Jesus!  I visited 2 bookstores in North London (N11 – North of Finchley Road) which apparently is a Jewish neighborhood. Both bookstores were closed for Jewish New Year. I can understand. It is time for celebration! My long walk (25 minutes from the closest underground station) will not be […]

Thought from the dentist chair

I went to the dentist office this morning. A thought came to my mind when I was “strapped” to the dentist chair. It was not pain, death, heaven and marriage (not that they are related, but I heard those are some of the common thoughts when people are at the dentist chair!). I was actually […]

A Royal Fit at Royal Mail!

Not sure Drama Becomes Me or the other way around (loosely borrowed from the movie title Death Becomes Her)! There is no surprise that the international postage is outrageously expensive, but this is another level. Last Friday, I was going to send my books to my good friend Pam in New York (my first U.S. […]