In Crisis (What to do)?

Like many people in the world, I am also affected in Paris by the Coronavirus crisis. The French government has imposed strict confinement in France. How should we do this in this unusual and extreme situation on top of respecting the advice and regulations given by the government? #1) Don’t panic. If you are in […]

Job Search (#10: Before success)

As an ancient Chinese proverb says, “Failure is the mother of success”, failures in life are inevitable (Yes – it is true fortunately or unfortunately). Even if we did our best, there are occasions that we still did not succeed. How should we react in those situations? First of all, we should remind ourselves that […]

Job Search (#9: Create Synergies)

Besides searching for a new job in Paris, one of my main reasons moving here is to improve my French. On top of that, my level of French is an obstacle in my job search. However, I found conventional French courses in a classroom too expensive and boring for me. Instead, I prefer exploring other […]

A pineapple: A new year gift?

I received a (real) pineapple as a new year gift last week. I was at the open market in Bastille as a weekly habit to purchase fruits and vegetables. I bought 7 different kinds of fruit and vegetable for 7 Euros. When I paid for my purchase, the vendor gave me a fresh pineapple for […]

Job Search (4: Perseverance)

Perseverance and patience are much needed during the job search. It is better to prepare oneself for a period longer and perhaps more unstable than expected. Expect good times as well as disappointment. Above all, stay positive and optimistic. Take each occasion as an opportunity to learn something regardless of the results. Learn and progress! […]