Clipping wings for better

I have been telling people that I am going through a “metamorphosis” to build up a more corporate image in public. As part of this effort, I am in the process of clipping my wings of “eccentricity” which includes no off-the-chart outrageous jokes and comments. It is not to change myself into a completely different […]

Everyone is a Winner!

I was actually impressed by the broadcast of the final of The Voice France on 25-Apr-2015.  They invited one of the finalists from a previous year (but she did not win in her year of competition) as a guest.  After the competition, she went onto become a successful singer in her own right.  The program producers wanted […]

Amateur vs. Professional

By sheer chance I was in France to watch the final of The Voice France on TV. The winner Lilian Renaud was the one whose coach/judge Zaziesaid Lilian is an amateur in her concluding and final pitch for her protégée. Actually what she meant was Lilian’s passion for music. There were four established professional singers as […]

More than a virtue

Patience is actually more than a virtue in my opinion. In fact, it is a key element for success. First of all, let me clarify that patience does not mean helplessly and passively waiting for something to happen. For me, the latter is a mixture of laziness, wishful thinking and the like, but it is […]

Boredom before Fun!

Early this week on BBC Radio 2, Chris Evans reminded  listeners the importance of laying down a solid foundation through hard work and then reaping the fruit later. He said boredom before fun. It echoes with some of the key points of my book: “Hard work” (p.33-34) and “Invest the time to work on the […]

Stretching your limits

As a parting and farewell advice (as insurance coverage ran out), my physiotherapist told me that the only way that I can restore full mobility of my right arm is to STRETCH the limits.  Despite the pain and ache associated with it, I need to do it especially when normal daily activities don’t reach those limits. […]

Gaining ground in Canada

2 weeks ago I blogged about my joy of receiving a notice regarding the purchase of an e-copy of my book in Canada. This morning, I was notified of another purchase of one copy from Canada. As I said before, every copy counts and I am equally excited about this purchase like the first time. […]


Tonight I mustered enough courage to attend a French meet-up (a conversational group made up of approximately 1/3 French, 1/3 British & 1/3 International) at a bar. After 30 minutes talking with a few people, I noticed that one new participant stood next to me. I politely said “bonjour” and he replied “RE-bonjour” meaning that […]

Advice for a volleyball captain

I am proud that my 13 years old niece Cameron has recently become the volleyball captain in her volleyball class. Tonight we discussed via Skype on how to motivate the “weakest link” in her team besides telling her to practise more and work harder. I asked Cameron the following questions: 1) What are some other […]

Mind the GAP

I meant the cultural gap/difference. I had a coffee with a friend yesterday and she told me that she did not do too well in a recent exam made up of case studies/situations with implicit cultural preferences on the correct answers. As a non-native British person, she did not fare too well. Fair or not […]