Stop Contagion

Given the recent spotlight on financial crisis in Greece and the worry on its contagion to other countries, I thought about a similarity in the handling of our feelings (a bit of a stretch I know :>). It is very easy and natural for most people to let a negative event have a longer lasting […]

How to deal with travel delay

It was a bit of a disaster with delay and such on my Eurostar trip from Paris this morning. I thought it may be good to discuss how to deal with the travel delay. 1) Stay calm (Keep an eye on your luggage, passport and wallet. Losing them is worse.) 2) Think of alternatives if […]


One area of my book that I plan to expand and develop on is feedback. I think getting feedback is important but it can be a double-edged sword depending on a few aspects. 1) How the feedback is asked 2) How the feedback is given 3) How the feedback is processed by the recipient Those […]

A New Graduate

Exciting news from one niece to another niece, but on a different subject. My lovely 14-year old (13.76 years to be exact) niece Cameron in Canada has graduated from the Elementary Grades and will start high school this September. In a few weeks’ time, she will also graduate from the Raymond school after 6 years […]

A Great Uncle Again Soon

My adult niece told me over the weekend together with her husband via Skype that she is pregnant and their baby is due in Dec. Congratulations to Vivian and Jeremy:> By X’mas, they will become proud parents for the first time. I will become a proud great uncle for the second time as my nephew […]

A Kung-fu fighter Frog!

A friend of mine who knows that I love frogs sent me this link from a major UK newspaper The Telegraph featuring a Reinwardt’s flying frog, photographed in East Java, Indonesia. In the picture, the frog is ready to give a devastating kick. Such a cool picture. Check it out :>

Down to single digit now!

YES – Through a combination of my “passionate” hard-sell and extremely generous support from friends and family, I am down to 9 copies from my target of 300 copies. When I mentioned publicly that I would tone down drastically my personal effort of selling my book (and let them alone) individually, some people pointed out […]


What I mean is the ability to separate different elements from a single entity and treat them individually if needed. For example, if your friend’s action offended you, by putting a “mental/psychological separation” between the offensive act and the person, you may find yourself easier to forgive him/her and move on.

A Sounding Board

A friend of mine at the receiving end of coaching told me that she found it helpful by simply hearing herself out in a coaching session. She added that sometimes when she starts to explain herself to the coach, then she realizes that it does not make sense even to herself. Furthermore, the additional benefit […]