Lesson from a Bus Driver

Last Saturday morning I took a bus to the gym. I noticed something special about the bus driver. He was very kind to wait for passengers to get on the bus instead of “beaming” away from them (believe me – I am sure most people had such experience of running after the bus only to […]

Buying Happiness with Money?

I came across an excellent article in this weekend’s FT written by Jason Butler titled “Money can mean happiness – if it’s spent well”. I found his view very insightful. The suggestion is to use the money you have (regardless your wealth level) wisely to enrich your life and deepen your relationships in a meaningful […]

Voting Reflection (Final)

Happy New Year to all :> Before having a fresh start on new blogs for 2017, let me finish off the last mini-series on voting reflection from 2016. Apologies for the delay. My final reflection on the voting events is acceptance and then seeking solutions. In life, we are sometimes faced with results and consequences […]