How to be good leaders?

Daniel Goleman has given the following advice on how to be good leaders? (p.238, Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence) “* Listening within, to articulate an authentic vision of overall direction that energizes others even as it sets clear expectations. * Coaching, based on listening to what people want from their life, career and […]

Preparation and Practice

In his book “Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence”, Daniel Goleman quoted an example based on Susan Butcher who reinvented the Iditarod (a race that sled dogs compete over a distance of more than 1,100 miles of Arctic ice for over a week). Her method is running and resting alternately in 4-to-6-hour periods around […]

New Sales Plan

With a 12-month sales target of 300 copies of my book, it means 32 copies (268 copies sold so far) need to be sold by the end of Sep, which is approx. 5 months away. I have a plan :> I will target 50% of sales, 16 copies, by asking friends and family to ponder […]

Helping Position

I have been battling with the recovery of my shoulder/arm injury for 5 months. Besides inconvenience and physical discomfort, something else actually bothered me as well. As I don’t want to jeopardize my recovery, I am not able to offer a helping hand to my fellow commuters who are in need (with luggage and strollers […]

Prosecco Breakfast

I am taking a few days off from work and this morning I decided to visit Hampton Court Palace. Worried that the Prosecco in my fringe might go flat soon, I had a glass for breakfast before embarking on my journey. When I arrived at the train station, I could not find the platform for […]

The optimal mix of good and bad moments

I would like to share some insights from a key figure in the field of Emotional Intelligence Daniel Goldman based on his book titled Focus – The Hidden Driver of Excellence. He quotes the organizational psychologist Marcial Losada in his book and suggests “Analyzing hundreds of terms, Losada determined that the most effective had a […]

Networking to Give

According to some networking experts, networking should start with the intention of giving rather than merely seeing others as means and leads to what you want to go. People tend to remember those who helped them in the past and put them in the “good book”. Don’t be short-sighted and only focus on people that […]

Thank you for going

I went to a farewell drink of a colleague last night. I told her that I actually had dinner plan previously scheduled and thus I could not be able to stay too long. She told me not to worry and taught me a new phrase that “Thank you for going”. With that new phrase fresh […]