Voting Reflection (1)

The U.K. votes on Brexit and the U.S. presidential election votes have shaken the world and become the most talk-about topics in 2016. My first thought is the issue of blindspots which is the core of life coaching. We all have a natural tendency to be more receptive to opinions and facts that are more […]

Lessons from Hollywood (7)

The final lesson from this mini series on Hollywood is to inspire others. Most movies that have long-lasting influence on audience are those inspire them and provoke deep thoughts as well as reflection. These movies all carry valuable messages to audience. Movies such as Citizen K, Schindler’s List, Harry Potter and Star Wars. Through our […]

Lessons from Hollywood (6)

Another lesson from Hollywood is the usage of your influence. Being public figures (at least for the more successful ones), some Hollywood celebrities use their influence in very positive way to bring greatness and love to the society. One example that came to my mind is Angelina Jolie. Though I am not a fan of […]

Lessons from Hollywood (5)

Reinventing yourself is the fifth lesson that I would like to share. I am always impressed by actors and actresses that are continuously reinventing themselves. They don’t want to play the same role for the rest of their career. These actors and actresses challenge and stretch their own limits to take on different and often […]