Agility is considered as one the key elements in today’s leadership according to John Whitmore in his book titled Coaching for Performance. He suggested that we should add variations and changes to our routines so we can adapt to changes more easily. This is important in particular when you become set in our own ways […]

Lunch with Nobel Prize winner

Yesterday I had lunch with the Nobel Prize winner (Economics) Robert Shiller. Well, to be more precise (and accurate), it was a presentation to more than 50 audience with buffet lunch provided afterwards. One take-away point from his presentation is the importance of LONG data history in conducting research. To paraphrase and apply it in […]

In the Middle of a Storm

The news of the prediction of a snow storm in New York triggered my thought on the idea of how to cope with an emotional “storm”. My suggestions: 1) Anchor yourself psychologically. For example, remind yourself of your core value system based on religion, family, friendship…. 2) Don’t lose yourself. For example, when a group […]

All signs are good

The topic of Chinese New Year came up in the office. It will be the year of the GOAT by 18-Feb. A non-Chinese colleague disappointedly told me that he was born in the year of the RAT and added that he knows it is not a good sign among the 12 signs in the Chinese […]

Less is More

Sometimes it is harder to hold back your tongue (I should know out of all people) than saying something that you may regret later under the ‘banner’ of being honest. There are definitely circumstances for speaking up and conversely occasions for ‘holding your horses’. Try to assess which case it is before action. It is definitely not […]

I just want to say sorry

Sometimes that is all is needed especially when it is a genuine apology and the receipient has accepted it.  There is no need to linger on providing multiple reasons plus going through your mind different scenarios with numerous what-ifs.  Make it a clean-cut and sincere appology and go on with your life.