Breaking the Inertia

As some of you might have noticed, I was “inactive” on my blogging during the last couple of weeks. Excuses/Resaons aside (that in itself probably requires a few blogs to elaborate. Let us not get there…) I have decided to break the inertia by simply doing what I am doing now – posting a blog. […]

How to Survive the Heat Wave (2)

On the back of my previous blog on coping with the heat wave, a good friend of mine has made some excellent suggestions. 1) Take (additional) cold shower(s) if needed to cool down. If personal hygiene allows, use minimum/no soap to save water. 2) Put a small wet towel around your neck if social etiquette […]

How to survive a heat wave?

Being a resident of London, I reckon I should not be complaining too much about the recent hot weather. And yet it happened twice this year already. Close to 30 degrees Celsius without air conditioning (AC) can be a challenge. Some of my suggestions to cope with it are: 1) Get out of town: Go […]