Year End Report

Today is New Year’s Eve and let us look at some figures for the year end (it is technically the first quarter end for me as I have published my book in Sep-2014). a) Copies of book sold = 252 (12-month target of 1,000 with 8 more months to go :>) b) Countries where copies sold = […]

Farewell to Ingratitude

Far from being bitter or haboring negative feelings, I would like to share my view on how to deal with ingratitude. Like most people (if not all), I have experienced ingratitude from others in life including not a word of thanks when treating someone for lunch or giving someone a gift.   I have 2 suggestions […]

Ignoring is Bliss

Ignoring can also be bliss in some cases (not just ignorance :>) One important lesson that I learnt in promoting my book is to let go or ignore promises (casually or seriously) made by others on helping me when those promises are not carried out. Don’t be overcome by bitterness or hold grudges against them. Bless […]

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all :> Wish you all a wonderful time during this festive period. I will be traveling to Canada to see my folks starting this Saturday and the blog will be put on holiday schedule. Regular publication will resume in 2015!

Book Promotion during Christmas season

December can well be the busiest month of the year. Among other festive-related activities, book promotion may be put on the back burner. Besides offering a 25% Christmas discount on my book, I have 2 other ways to promote my book. 1) Adding a promotional postcard of my book to Christmas card 2) Subtly reminding my friends […]

Encouragement from feedback (Part 2)

Another encouragement arrived last week over a coffee with a friend who finished reading my book. He said he had already started taking a painting course that he always wanted to do in the past few years, but hesitated. He is now enjoying the course. I have not seen any of his paintings yet.  However, as […]

Encouragement from feedback (Part 1)

A friend of mine who is taking an evening French class to brush up her French told me last night that my book helped her. She followed my example of bringing a drink (non-alcoholic just for the record) to the evening class and it actually boosted her concentration in class. Yes, it is difficult to […]

Sales figure of e-books arrived!

It has taken a while but the figure finally arrived today from Amazon. I have sold 5 copies of Kindle version of my book: 2 copies from the U.S., 1 from the U.K, Germany and Canada each. Oddly enough the profit margin is roughly the same for both printed and Kindle versions even though there […]