Elephant (Thick) Skin

In multiple occasions, I found having “thick skin like an elephant” can be useful. 1) Learning something new: Little children are not afraid of being laughed at. They learn new skills and languages without much fear and hesitation. That is one of the best attitudes in learning. 2) Meeting new people: Not afraid of “rejection” […]

Models for Changes (2)

The second model that I would like to share on the topic of adapting to changes is the 4-step approach developed by Susan David. Step 1: Recognize your patterns – The first step in developing emotional agility is to notice when you have been hooked by your thoughts and feelings. Step 2: Label your thoughts […]

You and I

Recently in a casual conversation with a friend, she said, “My friend Victoria (not the real name) is brilliant in every single way and lives such a perfect life. I found it hard to find a single aspect of my entire life that I am better than her!”. After a long second of silence, I […]

Every Reader Counts!

I think I must have mentioned it in the past, but please excuse me for reiterating : Every reader (of my book) counts. In March and April, I have sold one copy of my book each month via Amazon. I am happy about it as I appreciate every copy and reader. I am inferring that […]