Boxing Ring or Noah’s Ark?

What is your view of competition or the world? Is it a boxing ring meaning only ONE person (preferably your very good self) out of two wins? Or is it similar to the Noah’s Ark that everyone on board tries to help one another to survive and create a new (better) world?

I think it depends on individual cases, but more often than not, there is more than one winner and we don’t have to live a “cut-throat” overly-competitive life.

Healthy competition helps us progress and reach a higher ground and the key is to do our best regardless of the competition. Offer genuine congratulations to others who won (though you wish it was you)!

There is a place for one-to-one competition, but be mindful that good sportsmanship is always appreciated. In other cases, we can aim to grow and progress collectively while in competition with one another (and our previous best) in a positive and honest way.

On such a cheerful note, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful start of the year and a new year better than last.