Voting Reflection (Final)

Happy New Year to all :>
Before having a fresh start on new blogs for 2017, let me finish off the last mini-series on voting reflection from 2016. Apologies for the delay.
My final reflection on the voting events is acceptance and then seeking solutions.
In life, we are sometimes faced with results and consequences that are beyond our control even though we have made our best effort. It is never easy to accept things that are not our wishes but being part of a democratic society and community, we have to respect the final decisions made in the predefined manners that are agreed upon. After a few “emotional” moments (we are only human), I think it may be more productive to accept the results and then move on to seek other ways to improve the current situation.

Reflect on what we can do to mitigate the negative effects may be caused by the “undesirable” results. What are the lessons learned? Are there other opportunities for us? What are our plan B, C & D?

Dwelling on the results and the past will not help us make the right FUTURE decisions. Beat it and move on please!!!